Keep on Keepin' On

Ok, so, had a bad week where I barely tracked and ate real poor over the weekend. Went into weight in today instead of Wednesday, looks like I lost .6. This means I've lost three pounds in three weeks.

Not bad, not bad. Aaaand, I've dipped back under 180. It's a very very shallow dip, but it's definitely something to be happy about.

Just keep swimming!

Let's hope I get money soon so I can purchase foods that will help me stay healthy and more on track.

Friend only plskthanx!

Hi! This is a journal describing my journey towards loosing weight and getting a breast reduction. Angst/ TMI/ possible Nudity (not mine) WILL follow as I explore and research and prepare myself for the decisions I have made!  More than anything, this journal is going to serve as a scrapbook for me to help me stay motivated, and to help me track my progress. If you are interested in following my progress and my transition, please comment on this entry and I will take adding you into consideration.

Thanks for dropping by!
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